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Student employment

We offer an efficient solution for year-round or seasonal labor needs, or for seasonal workflows, even putting students to work within a day.


Job Force aims to place students in the jobs that suit them best, so our partners can work with the most motivated student workers, whether they are in physical, white-collar or specialist jobs. At the same time, thanks to the current regulations, it costs our partners 20% less to employ a student worker in the same position, compared to an adult worker, for the same gross salary. Student labor can be a quick and cost-effective solution to unexpected staff shortages or temporary assignments, with students able to be in the required positions in as little as one day thanks to our fully digitized administrative processes. In addition, this form of employment does not increase the statistical headcount of companies, does not require employer contributions and does not incur payroll costs for notice, vacation or sick leave.

A significant number of our students are in higher education or vocational training, so you can even plan an internship with us.

Thanks to our nationwide network, we can respond quickly to demand, and, where possible, we also conclude contracts with both partners and students online, making our processes simpler and faster.

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Why student emloyment?

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