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Cross-border employment

The labor shortage in Hungary is reaching critical proportions, with certain industries particularly affected. In addition to manufacturing and production, this includes, for example, the hospitality and tourism sectors. The market environment is driving up wage levels significantly and steadily, but at the same time fluctuation is a growing problem.


Amennyiben a közelében már nem talál megfelelő létszámú álláskeresőt, vagy szeretné csökkenteni a fluktuációt, mi új kollégákat tudunk biztosítani szomszédos-, vagy akár távoli harmadik országokból is.

Our expert project management team serves the needs of our clients throughout the country. We are available to provide the following services for the loan of workers:

If you have specific needs, we will prepare an individual offer based on detailed knowledge of your ideas.

Telefonáló dolgozók a következő felirattal: Hatékony létszámgazdálkodási megoldásokat kínálunk.
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Work Force has 20 years of experience. During this time, we have loaned out thousands of cross-border workers, giving us extensive experience in this field, including the recruitment, integration and immigration management of foreign workers.

In 2022, we have obtained Certified Staffing Agency Status, which means we can now supply workers from a wide range of countries.

Countries available from 2022:

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