A Work Force Kft. 20 éves logója.

Work Force opens a new office in Nyíregyháza

A Work Force Kft. Nyíregyházi irodájának bejárata.

Work Force opens a new office in Nyíregyháza

Work Force is continuing its expansion in North-East Hungary, with the recruitment and placement company opening its ninth office in Nyíregyháza .The company has already signed an agreement with a major employer in the city, and plans further partnerships with companies in the region in the future to help the region's labor market with up to several hundred workers.

Today Work Force opened its new office in Nyíregyháza, the 9th headquarters of the dynamically developing HR service provider. The recruitment and placement company's staff provide useful assistance not only to employees looking for a job, but also to businesses facing labor problems.

Work Force has now become the third largest HR service provider in the country, with the number of workers on loan from the company up 70 per cent year-on-year by February this year. The services offered by the company are already used by many companies in Eastern and North-Eastern Hungary, including energy, automotive and electronic components manufacturers, typically large companies employing thousands of people.

With the opening of the Nyíregyháza office, Work Force will further strengthen its presence in the region and plans to increase the number of temporary workers in the region several times compared to last year. Following the opening of the Nyírség center, they will also be able to serve major employers in the region, such as Nyíregyháza-based LEGO Manufacturing Kft.

Last year, we were able to increase the number of temporary workers in this region by almost five times compared to the previous year and we expect the dynamic growth to continue with the opening of the new office. We are also seeing a serious shortage of skilled positions in this region, such as electricians and welders. I believe that with our 20 years of experience in the HR services market, we can provide useful assistance to both employees and employers," said Zoltán Czellecz, CEO of Work Force.

The office in Nyíregyháza will initially employ 3 people, but plans are to expand capacity later. Like other offices in the country, the branch will provide job search advice, job lending and job matching services to local or regional employers, and will also offer job opportunities to students in the region through its Job Force School Cooperative.

About Work Force

Work Force Ltd., a 100% Hungarian owned company, has been in the business of temporary and labor brokerage since 2003. Thanks to our experience, up-to-date market knowledge and expertise, we provide complex solutions to meet the growing labor needs of our partners. Our clients include manufacturing and production companies as well as companies in the service sector. With 8 offices nationwide, it ensures the continuous availability of the right workforce for 300 clients.