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Interview with our COO, Zoltán Czellecz in the Market Talk section of Budapest Business Journal.

„As businesses fought to stay afloat during the coronavirus pandemic, the first inclination of many was to let temporary workers go first and hang on to salaried employees (in whom they had invested more) for as long as possible. The effect was to flood the labor market with talent. Since the economy began to recover, the labor shortages have returned. Some of the leading players in the field tell the Budapest Business Journal about the most significant factors keeping people on the move.”

BBJ: How has the demand for temporary workers in the job market changed over the past few years?

Demand for our services has been steadily growing yearly, bar the downturn during the COVID-19 months. In this candidate-driven market, employers prioritize the ability to identify and attract the right talent; the form of employment is secondary.


BBJ: What industries or sectors drive the demand for temporary workers, and why?

The automotive and electronics sectors, and some processing industry segments, have experienced significant growth through greenfield investments and production extensions. There is high demand for workers in these areas. Newly-established businesses often lack local recruitment expertise.


BBJ: How did the pandemic affect the temporary staffing industry, and what changes have you seen in demand or types of positions being filled?

We have noticed that the demand for our services has exceeded pre-pandemic levels. This market trend is driven primarily by long-term factors, such as the aging population, a mismatch between education output and employer requirements, and a lag in upskilling the active workforce. Consequently, we have observed a growing trend among employers to source candidates from the APAC [Asia-Pacific] region, tapping into vast talent pools with highly competitive technical and language skills.


BBJ: What are some benefits of using a temp agency for employers and job seekers, and how do those benefits compare to other staffing solutions?

Let us narrow the scope to the benefits of utilizing certified temp agencies. Beyond access to the broadest pool of candidates (locally and internationally), the accredited status offers user companies a sense of security throughout the cooperation. It ensures a high level of professionalism, and financial guarantees provide an extra layer of safety in this critical aspect of operations.

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Source: Budapest Business Journal